Easy Peasy Pizza Pie

dough after rising

It's been a super serious lazy day in this household. Lots of lazing around and not whole lot of productivity, which is exactly what was needed. The holidays have take a serious toll on my energy level and now its time to reboot. The fridge has been dauntingly empty as of late so this was a last minute effort for lunch. I looked through the pantry and decided to whip up a pizza. I had some left over ham in the fridge and some canned pineapple in the pantry so with a simple pizza dough recipe within an hour and half lunch was served. I was a little disappointed that the crust didn't brown up. Next time I think I'll add a little olive oil or beaten egg just to the crust to add a little … [Read more...]

Ode to Summer Days

With January settling in it's been almost four months since my last day at the beach.... I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful coastal area where beaches are everywhere. We call it the island. We're a secluded little town and we rarely leave unless we have to.Our summers are spent lounging on the beach before or after work with bonfires and friends.  We're there whenever we can be. It's been a mild winter so far.. lots of rain, no snow. So with the temperature hovering around the 40's its been even harder to get out of summer mode. Since I don't drink alcohol at the beach I've become the "beach mom"to everyone, which means I'm the one making sure everyone is drinking water in between … [Read more...]