Ode to Summer Days

With January settling in it’s been almost four months since my last day at the beach….

I’m fortunate enough to live in a beautiful coastal area where beaches are everywhere. We call it the island. We’re a secluded little town and we rarely leave unless we have to.Our summers are spent lounging on the beach before or after work with bonfires and friends.  We’re there whenever we can be. It’s been a mild winter so far.. lots of rain, no snow. So with the temperature hovering around the 40’s its been even harder to get out of summer mode. Since I don’t drink alcohol at the beach I’ve become the “beach mom”to everyone, which means I’m the one making sure everyone is drinking water in between beers and stuffing the stubborn ones with water filled fruits instead to keep them hydrated in the hot summer sun.

I’ve seriously been missing sitting on the beach with my cooler stocked with goodies like cherries, berries, apples and peanut butter, celery, bananas, grapes, and watermelon. Those are all the fresh fruits and veggies that are far too expensive for my wallet in these cold winter months. There is nothing like cold berries to cool you down when there’s no ocean breeze. So in honor of the berries  I’ve been longing for I created the Chocolate Raspberry Rum Cupcake.

Pictures to come soon!

[When I went to take some photos all the cupcakes had been eaten! I guess they liked them!]


    • Miss. Zoe says

      yes it will, I’m a big lover of fresh seasonal produce so adapting to winter again has been difficult, I have a stuffed acorn squash recipe I’ll be posting soon though that is to die for! Thanks for following!

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