Primitive Pantry

I’m constantly searching for new recipes, tweaking old ones, and occasionally going a little too far out of the box.  I’ve found that it’s really fun to experiment with new foods [rhubarb is next on the list] but that to succeed you need to have a few items always on hand. These are what are in what I like to call my primitive pantry…

These are what you would call the bare necessities [i don’t know about you but my mind immediately starts singing songs from “jungle book”] I didn’t include any spices or extracts because that’s a whole other list… but here we go:

Miss. Zoe’s Necessities

  1. BUTTER- I go through roughly three pounds of butter a week, mind you I only work one day a week at the moment so I have a lot of free time on my hands,  However I constantly have at least two pounds of unsalted butter and one of salted.
  2. FLOUR- Obviously I’m a baker, its a base in almost all of my recipes.
  3. SUGAR- All kinds… Fine, Super Fine, Powdered, Dark Brown, Light brown.
  5. EGGS- The amount of eggs I keep in my fridge is a bit ridiculous, I usually have anywhere from 24-30 large brown organic eggs.
  6. LENTILS-  Black beans, red beans, chickpeas, great for last minute meals: nachos, chili, soups
  7. TOMATO PRODUCTS- I tend to use canned products when the farmers market isn’t open, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato soup etc.
  8. PROTEIN- I usually have chicken in the freezer or ground turkey or beef on hand.
  9. PASTA- ‘nough said
  10. ALMONDS- Not only do I use ground and whole almonds in my baking they make a wonderful snack and are a great energy booster!
  11. FROZEN PEAS- Another favorite snack, right out of the freezer no less. Great addition to pasta dishes [ mac and cheese specifically, get those kids some veggies!]

These are my  must haves, With these I can whip up a variety of quick recipes for a last minute meal, and the may be very different from yours. Is there anything you have to have?


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