i’m an angry bird

So I have tried to publish this post 5 times now. It’s not working out too well for me. I’m extremely frustrated as you can probably imagine. It keeps disappearing, the revisions, the saved drafts, all blank. It’s very upsetting to say the least. I had all these wonderful anecdotes and instructions in the first draft, a few less quips and a few less steps in the second, the third I’m sure you could hear my tone of voice through the typed letters and lack of any instructions whatsoever, the fourth was just a plea for help on how to revive my previous drafts… and here, here is the fifth. It’s more than I thought you would get, but it’s a bit easier now that I’m typing it up in a word document where I know it will remain regardless of whether the internet chooses to accept it. So you get a few extra words from one very frustrated Miss. Zoe

Pinterest and I have a very tumultuous relationship. I love it, I hate it, these feeling can occur within seconds of each other. Regardless, I wanted to try this craft, it looked really cute even though I couldn’t for the life of me find the original post [if you know it please let me know so I can link back].

[it won’t let me post the picture so here is the link to my board where you can see it.]


I was not happy with the result. It looked so cute in the photo, but didn’t translate well. The tea lights weren’t really bright enough to shine through, I don’t have any cute chive like plants to display, so I thought maybe I can try and spruce it up a bit.

Even with the scrapbooking paper it wasn’t really very functional for me. So I deconstructed it, it’s most basic form worked pretty well for me, and as soon as a I can find some right size magnets, these will be all over my fridge.

The color of the scrapbook paper perfect matched my cake decorating business cards! What a cowinkydink!

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