Rise to the Occasion

 I have been on a garlic kick [as opposed to every other day of my life ::extreme sarcasm::]. Luckily I told B before we started dating that I absolutely love garlic and if that was a problem he should probably just walk away in that very moment [he didn’t] so I’m free to consume as much as I’d like, and boy do I take advantage of that.

The other night I seriously wanted some garlic bread. Not because I had a delicious meal it would compliment, no that would be too logical, just to eat garlic. There was absolutely NO bread in the house so I had to go scratch. I had some roasted garlic, from a few days before when I had originally intended to smear in on some toast [that we didn’t have], that I could use in my scratch version

I used a severely basic bread recipe and added from there. When reading the instructions, it sounds tedious, but really was extremely simple and beyond satisfying, however time consuming [waiting for the dough to rise and all..]. Not to mention, you won’t find a loaf of bread on the store shelves with only six ingredients, none of which are high fructose corn syrup. There is something immensely satisfying in knowing exactly what your putting into your body.

Garlic and Rosemary Bread.

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