Who makes a pigs ear cupcake?

pumpkin cupcakes 011

You may want to ask yourself that question, the answer is NOT me, however it is a response I got when I recently asked my Facebook friends what type of cupcake they would want to try.  I got quite a few responses, close to 50 actually. I told them if theirs was picked they would get a dozen hand delivered, boy did that expedite the process. I got plenty of responses from every day cupcakes [red velvet, chocolate, vanilla] to some weird ones [espresso, pig ear, Laphroaig (should probably look that one up)]. Using a randomizing program [to be fair] I ended up with Pumpkin Cupcakes with a Maple Rum Frosting. THANK GOODNESS. Can you imagine if I ended up having to make a pigs ear cupcake? [Maybe … [Read more...]

Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I apologize for not being around or attentive. At the moment I'm laid up in bed from a crazy ass fundraiser I participated in yesterday. A Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball Tournament. Nutso. It was more fun then I've had in quite some time. Absolutely hilarious. On a sadder note I busted myself up pretty well.I'm laid up in bed at the moment with a nice ice pack making love to my knee and more than my fair share of black  and blue, not to mention the scrapes covering my legs from damp sand covered dodgeballs whizzing past with out any regard for posted speed limits. You can check out videos and pictures at Good Morning Gloucester or you may have seen us … [Read more...]