Battery Drained

A description of both myself and my computer. I have to make this snappy as one of us could die at any moment. [Surprise, I packed my laptop charger] I have almost everything moved into my mothers and stacked in a corner ready to be put in a truck again because me and B are looking at an apartment tomorrow! Wahoo. I will not turn 25 living in my mothers house! So sans a few pieces of heavy furniture, I'm essentially done. To top of the horrendous nature of moving poor B is deathly ill, such a sick little muffin, so he had some trouble today so I sent him home.... How do you deal with moving? I've already cried today, but that is.not.saying much, I cry almost everyday. My computer is warning … [Read more...]

Packing Tape.

Holy stress ball [not usually my favorite self description]. Oh where, oh where has this week taken my level head? Far, far away... I can tell you that much. This has been the craziest week I've had in QUITE some time. Nothing like too little time to keep you on your toes. I'm currently packing up my apartment and moving out this weekend. I have been planning to move home to save some money but am having some serious anxiety/ second thoughts and have been frantically searching for an apartment [which is totally illogical]. Even as I type out this post I'm flipping back and forth to the Firefox tab labeled 'boston all apartments classifieds'.  Just now I got distracted for over an hour. Way … [Read more...]

Chickpeas and the Winner.


So I'm moving next weekend. This means lot of boxes filled with things I don't have the heart to throw away, the urge to fill my empty refrigerator and eat something other than cereal, and a whole lot of stress. I don't know about your neck of the wood, but in mine it has been damn hot, which hasn't helped my to-do list get checked off any quicker . These hot days make me dream of family gatherings with grills going and afternoons naps on the porch after sun soaked days on the beach.  So I scoured the pantry. Chickpeas, that's it. Yes, my pantry is in serious disarray, it's quite pathetic, along with everything else in my apartment right now. Chickpeas were my main ingredient. Awesome, I … [Read more...]

Local Brew Loving & a Giveaway

 I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Joey C, the local blogger of Good Morning Gloucester to chat about my vegan cupcakes.[Thanks for having me!] Very exciting stuff, exciting indeed! I mean how often do you get to change someones preconceived notions? Not to say Joey was against my vegan cupcakes, but I find most people will opt for the non-vegan counterpart if given the chance. Even before we met when Joey and I were just emailing, he was all for the cupcakes but was a bit apprehensive about the whole vegan side of the deal.  I find most people are.  But most of the time, with baking at least, I find if you don't tell them, they don't know. And I really don't think there's any harm … [Read more...]

Smooth as Fred Astaire


Breakfast has been a wicked bummer for me lately. My breakfast of years past consisted of sausage and bacon with some toast, and a couple of eggs, those days are over. I've never been a cereal kind of girl [I take to long and it always gets soggy, yuck] I'm not big on pancakes [ waffles are a totally different story]  I can only eat oatmeal so many times a week. [I'm not a big fan to begin with] So I've had to get a bit creative and find alternatives... or wait until lunch [unacceptable] Smoothies have found their delicious way into my life and because I have a smoothie every morning I thought it fitting to share some of my recipes with you. Now I make at least five smoothies a week, many … [Read more...]