Smooth as Fred Astaire

Breakfast has been a wicked bummer for me lately. My breakfast of years past consisted of sausage and bacon with some toast, and a couple of eggs, those days are over.

I’ve never been a cereal kind of girl [I take to long and it always gets soggy, yuck]

I’m not big on pancakes [ waffles are a totally different story]

 I can only eat oatmeal so many times a week. [I’m not a big fan to begin with]

So I’ve had to get a bit creative and find alternatives… or wait until lunch [unacceptable]

Smoothies have found their delicious way into my life and because I have a smoothie every morning I thought it fitting to share some of my recipes with you. Now I make at least five smoothies a week, many similar, many very different, so I thought I would make it weekly post, “Blender Monday”, “Smoothie Sunday”, both titles are horribly cheesy and so fitting for myself. We’ll work on that at a later date, but for today here is my smoothie! [I use the “I Survived” glass on Mondays after my killer workout class]

1 cup Cultured Coconut Milk

2/3 cup Pomegranate Juice

1 Large Banana

1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

Blend until  smooth, Think Fred Astaire stealing all the ladies in “Holiday Inn” [ If you haven’t seen Holiday Inn you are SERIOUSLY missing out. This is a classic, it debuted “White Christmas’ it became an instant classic, You may be thinking oh its a Christmas movie, get over that thought real quick, you’d be depriving yourself a whole  eight more months without seeing it. Don’t do this to yourself]

I had a little over a 16oz glass, so my roomie Z got a little treat [weird our names both start with Z right?] If she hadn’t been hear I would have thrown the leftovers in an ice cube tray and added them to a future smoothie [waste not, want not is what they say right?]

Its so easy, and delicious. Whats not to love


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