Chickpeas and the Winner.

So I’m moving next weekend. This means lot of boxes filled with things I don’t have the heart to throw away, the urge to fill my empty refrigerator and eat something other than cereal, and a whole lot of stress. I don’t know about your neck of the wood, but in mine it has been damn hot, which hasn’t helped my to-do list get checked off any quicker . These hot days make me dream of family gatherings with grills going and afternoons naps on the porch after sun soaked days on the beach.  So I scoured the pantry. Chickpeas, that’s it. Yes, my pantry is in serious disarray, it’s quite pathetic, along with everything else in my apartment right now.

Chickpeas were my main ingredient. Awesome, I have to start somewhere.

Crap, I have no other ingredients. So chickpeas, now what? Well, some Veganaise never made anything worse. I’ll toss them with a couple tablespoons of that. Now flavoring… I have some green onions growing, I’ll throw some of those in, some dried parsley, some salt and pepper. Give it a nice mix.

Holy crap. I’m freaking amazing. I’m pretty sure this is going to be at every BBQ I ever go to from now on and possibly every BBQ you ever go to from now on.

Now onto some important business,


Brittany from is the winner of the cookbooks! She has two days to reach me and claim her prize! Wahoo!


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