Packing Tape.

Holy stress ball [not usually my favorite self description]. Oh where, oh where has this week taken my level head?

Far, far away… I can tell you that much.

This has been the craziest week I’ve had in QUITE some time. Nothing like too little time to keep you on your toes. I’m currently packing up my apartment and moving out this weekend. I have been planning to move home to save some money but am having some serious anxiety/ second thoughts and have been frantically searching for an apartment [which is totally illogical]. Even as I type out this post I’m flipping back and forth to the Firefox tab labeled ‘boston all apartments classifieds’.  Just now I got distracted for over an hour. Way to focus Zoë.  The entire apartment is packed up with only a few more boxes to be filled. Not only am I moving but there is a Bruins game on tonight. Not just a Bruins game though, its game seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s a big deal. So I’m going to take a break from being a stressball, put the packing tape down and go have a beer and some grub. I’m not sure watching this game will help me relax at all, it may make it worse. Well I’m off. I hope to be back early next week, but for now the pots and pans are packed.

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