Battery Drained

A description of both myself and my computer. I have to make this snappy as one of us could die at any moment. [Surprise, I packed my laptop charger] I have almost everything moved into my mothers and stacked in a corner ready to be put in a truck again because me and B are looking at an apartment tomorrow! Wahoo. I will not turn 25 living in my mothers house! So sans a few pieces of heavy furniture, I’m essentially done. To top of the horrendous nature of moving poor B is deathly ill, such a sick little muffin, so he had some trouble today so I sent him home…. How do you deal with moving? I’ve already cried today, but that is.not.saying much, I cry almost everyday.

My computer is warning me so… see ya soon?


    • Miss. Zoe says

      Haha its miserable. I’ve moved a ton of times in my 24 year life span. Me and B just look at the apartment this morning so hopefully this works out And I won’t have to move for quite some time! P.S Your books are packed and ready to be sent out unfortunely I misplaced them in the abyss of all my boxes I will send as soon as I can!!

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