From A to B to C then D

Well me and B didn’t get the first apartment we applied for, but the way I see it, it’s just because there is something better out there waiting for us. So for the moment all my belonging are stacked all over my mother’s first floor. Poor woman puts up with so much from me.


[and this is only a portion of it]

 Aside from the fact that my material life is in shambles [which is making me realize how little I use all these things!] Things are seriously looking up!

A. Me and B are on the search for apartments that fit our needs [think loads of kitchen counter space], and I have all the faith in the world that we will find the perfect one for us.

B. I got my new running shoes! Vibram Bikilias, they look a little silly and take some getting used to, but they are beyond comfortable and in perfect time to break them in for my first 5K coming up in July [more on that later!]

C. I’ve been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach! This is really exciting. Its a group of women who stay active but still love their cupcakes [ ahh, the cupcakes] I’m really honored.

D. I’ve got some serious recipe ideas swimming around up in this noggin of mine waiting for the right moment [i.e. my own kitchen] to come to fruition, until then bare with me!


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    I feel like I’m going through a very similar time. All of my things are all over my mom’s house. I just got a new apartment (moving in July 15) and I ran my first 5K in the end of April. I’m now attempting to train for a 10K. Good luck on your 5K! You’ll do great! Just have fun and enjoy it! :)

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    So many exciting things about this post!! First of all YESS for the Bikila’s..I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and I LOVE THEM! I wear them all the time and run in them will love them. HORRAY FOR sweating pink!! Fellow ambassadors unite!

    Good luck with the apartment find!! You’ll get one hopefully sooner rather than later!

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