Diving for Worms.

So everybody and their mother is writing about Mother’s Day [pun totally intended], and I will be too, but a little differently I think. My mom is a little nutso and I am totally my mother’s daughter: hair brained, animal loving, “forget where my own shoes are” crazy. We spent a wonderful day together. So Happy Momma’s Day to all your beautiful women out there!

Today was pretty perfect if you ask me. It was warm and sunny with a nice ocean breeze here in my quaint little town. It was the perfect day for appreciation of all things [especially mommas] and that was exactly what happened. After visiting B’s mom and wishing her a happy day I came back to Momma’s, got my ‘okay to get dirty in’ clothes on, and headed outside.

We live downtown, on a main road, and have no back yard. Now don’t let this confuse you, momma loves to get dirty gardening. She is what you might call and ‘urban gardener’. She has collected 5 gallon buckets [ a lot of them] from the local candy shop and the restaurant I work at and started planting in them. She is an avid composter and only has about one bag of actual trash every couple of weeks. She uses these “pots” to grow an all organic garden that produces enough to last throughout the winter! Today she needed some help [because my muscles are wicked huge] and it being momma’s day and all I happily obliged.

[what should be a driveway, converted into an ‘urban’ vegetable garden]

[momma in her garden, check out her Boston Vegetarian shirt!]

[starting some new seedlings]

[Momma using her “special homemade seaweed fertilizer” and our cute little neurotic pup Sophie]

Now, we did some reorganizing and planting but mostly we used her amazing compost to make soil. Momma added a special heated rock [vermiculite] to the compost helping it retain moisture and making it a super soil fit for growing the produce of Gods [or mommas, but ask any kid, Gods and moms are interchangeable]

Before we added the vermiculite we wanted to make sure we got all the worms out of the soil [we wanted to save them]

So for the most part [aside from around 45 minutes we actually planted] we literally went diving for worms, and to be honest it was a blast. I forgot how much fun it was to just get dirty. We found hundreds of worms and moved them from the mixing bin [aka kiddie pool] back into the composter.

[WORMS, or as B called them as a child “rerms”]

[more WORMS, because there literally were hundreds]

Here is a picture of a giant asparagus stalk: [with my medium dunks cup for a point of reference]

[did you know it takes THREE years to establish an asparagus plant?]

Momma has a lot of different plants going: Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peppers, Tomatoes, who knows how many different types of beans. Believe me I will be cooking up some delicious recipes with these yummy yummy veggies and until then maybe Momma will come and guest post about her homemade seaweed fertilizer! Until then, B and I are still looking for a place, I’ve signed up for TWO more 5Ks and I’m looking for a running partner, anybody around the north shore? I’ve set a goal of a 5k a month starting May 19th, why wait, right? All happy and healthy here. A few more pictures to send you on your way:

[some kale sprouts]


[neurotic Sophie]

[me and Momma after a long day in the “garden”]

Q: What would you grow if you could set up shop in your driveway?


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    I love this post, and I LOVE your mom!! She sounds AWESOME! I love that shirt..she seriously rocks my world. And since you are your mothers daughter, I LOVE you too. I have a mini garden (as I have posted about recently) but I would love to grow asparagus, kale, spinach, broccoli, blueberries..I want them NOW though.

    I got the cookbooks! They are AWESOME! Thank you soo much I can’t wait to try some recipes!


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