Oh how crazy and wonderful this life is. That's if you make a conscious decision that it is, and I have. The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of amazeballs, here let us discuss. I ran my first 5k a week ago [Thursday June 28th 2012, just making a mental note]. WAHOO. I'm SO not proud of my time [36:08], but I crossed the finish line and I wasn't in a stretcher so I'd say goal accomplished. A friend from work ran it with me and was very kind and slowed her pace to stay with me. I ran the [very hilly] race in my Vibrams not having even crossed my mind that I wouldn't be running on dirt [always running in the woods], I'd be running on pavement [I never run on pavement] and might need … [Read more...]

Just a little preview….

moving preview

Well you may be a bit confused... I am, because I still can't believe B and I did this. This is B and I hauling a couch up over a deck from the ground to the third floor with only a piece of rope..... YES THE THIRD FLOOR. Holy hot balls, you can believe I had a nice drink after this.... well not directly after but this just the preview, you'll get the nasty tidbits if you check back next week [recommended if you like first time 5ks, moving and fiesta/ fourth of July festivities] For now I'm back to unpacking! … [Read more...]