Oh how crazy and wonderful this life is. That’s if you make a conscious decision that it is, and I have. The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of amazeballs, here let us discuss.

I ran my first 5k a week ago [Thursday June 28th 2012, just making a mental note]. WAHOO. I’m SO not proud of my time [36:08], but I crossed the finish line and I wasn’t in a stretcher so I’d say goal accomplished. A friend from work ran it with me and was very kind and slowed her pace to stay with me. I ran the [very hilly] race in my Vibrams not having even crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be running on dirt [always running in the woods], I’d be running on pavement [I never run on pavement] and might need a little more cushion [um, obvious to everyone except me?!] so my left foot was in serious cramping mode when I came up on the last half mile of the race.

[Not a great quality photo, eyes closed and all, but theres the proof from the end of the race.. Notice the lack of stretcher]

That was last Thursday. Friday I worked a 12 hour shift and totally avoided Fiesta. I was really hoping to show you guys what it’s all about but Saturday morning we started moving.

Two weeks ago B and I stumbled upon an apartment that fit out needs perfectly, and planned to move in this past weekend. It just so happens that my father owns the apartment building, I grew up in the house, and my sister lives in another unit the floor below me. I love this house and as I mentioned here it is the apartment I always imagined as my “grown up” apartment. It’s a small one bedroom apartment with a decent sized kitchen [with a DISHWASHER, cue hallelujahs] and a large living room, oh and a killer deck. Well moving sucks to say the least. B and I had been crashing on the third floor of Momma’s house, so we moved down three flights of stairs just to move back up three flights of stairs, lucky us it was 90+ degrees out all weekend. Boo,oh and and the couches didn’t fit up the stairs. Here is how it went:

[ positioning couch]

[already about 30 feet up]

side note: the deck’s integrity is a little iffy so we had to lean out over the railing and lift hand over hand.

[almost there… keep going!]

[pretty much a success. oh and this was the SECOND couch, there was also a box spring which B behemothed by himself]

Our weekend was dominated by moving. Wake until sleep, we were lifting boxes and putting them down in a different place. Needless to say I didn’t make it to St. Peter’s Fiesta this year [other than the 5k] and missed all three Greasy poles. It really stunk but I knew if I went I would have been stressing out about what I could have been doing at home, and what’s the fun if your not in the moment, right?! So I didn’t get any great photos or stories for you, HOWEVER, If you goto the Miss.Zoe Facebook page there is a video posted from the viewpoint of the winner. It’s a pretty awesome video and you can hear the infamous chant. VIVA SAN PEDRO! The entire week of fiesta this chant can be heard echoing through the streets, in bars, pretty much everywhere, it’s aweeeesome [I like to say awesome and a super high pitched voice… it just makes it sound cooler.]

Early this week I went a little nutso and unpacked almost everything in one day. B left for work from an apartment filled with boxes and came home to an almost finished apartment. I was pretty damn proud of myself… There’s still a lot to do, but it already feels like home so I’ve started spending time in the kitchen again. Wednesday was the Fourth of July, my absolute favorite day of holiday celebrations [sans the annual Christmas Caroling, yes we go Christmas Caroling and it’s AWESOME! {extra high-pitched this time}]. I’m the only picky eater [vegan/gluten free] on this side of the family so I bring my own food. I bought pre-packaged veggie burgers and rolls [Udi’s Gluten Free Burger Rolls are amazing by the way] and made a Black Bean Salsa.

Black Bean Salsa

1 ½ cans of Black Beans drained and rinsed

1 Large Hierloom Tomato [I call them Ugly Tomatos]

½ Large White Onion

1 Avocado

Juice of 1 Lime

Handful of Cilantro + some

2 TSP Cayenne Pepper

1 TSP Smoked Paprika

Salt and Pepper

  1. Chop Tomato [I like large chunks] and cilantro mix in a bowl and mix in beans.
  2. Hand Squeeze the lime juice over Tomato mixture [any other way only use half of lime.]
  3. Add paprika, cayenne and salt and pepper, mix thoroughly. [I like to mix after each step to really get it marinating]
  4. Dice Onion and chop avocado and fold into mixture. Voila , quick and easy crowd pleaser.

[God Bless America, and corn chips]

It was a huge hit at the cookout and when I went back for more it was gone! I’d say a summer recipe success.

[trying to find the shade]

[chit chattin it up]

[oh, I’m sorry, you wanted that rare?]

After the cookout we walked down the street to the parade which kind of sucked.

[our first 4th together, jeez my neck is long]

None of the highlights this year [Guys dressed in Gorilla suits pulling you out of the crowd to dance, Steel drum band rocking a float] but there were two sets of bagpipers [SCORE!] which brightened things a bit.

After the parade my hometown does a Bonfire on the water.

[once again, sorry for the cellphone pictures]

After the bonfire we headed back for the long hike home [around 2 minutes]

And once home were greeted with an impromptu gathering on our wonderful deck

All in all our 4th festivities may have kicked your down a peg or two. Don’t be jealous, join us!

I’m off to make strawberry rhubarb pie with Momma, I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon!


  1. says

    OMGGG YAHHHH for your 5k!! SO EXCITING!! I am so jazzed for you..and you look HOTTTTT in that sweat pink tank!! Great job!! Double yay for the apartment and look at you two hoisting that couch up!! I am impressed!!

    Ohhh yes, that dip looks so good. I would eat that entire bowl in one sitting..I hope you did.

    • Miss. Zoe says

      I think you know me too well. I ate this bowl [The second batch, July5th] in one sitting. I’ll have pictures up of the apartment soon!

  2. says

    Oh I just hate it when the carnivores nick all my veggie food after eating theirs. BBQs are the worst. Will try that salsa looks good.

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