easier said than done.

I love to be optimistic.

I could be having what some would say is a shitty day and be smiling as I tell someone “It’s cool, ’cause I’m happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved [woohoo].”  Some people become annoyed by my incessant use of the saying.

Here’s what I have to say.

Get over it. You can be happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved too. They may say “easier said than done” and to that I say absolutely.  It is work.  It’s a constant struggle,  it takes thoughtfulness,  it takes time to become conscious of those negative thoughts, and it takes a strong will to change those thoughts.  I work at it everyday, every minute.  I am still working. “Happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved” is my reminder to myself that I deserve all that, that it can be mine, so smile because it’s just not as much fun to be a downer.

Years ago I read a book called The Secret [no worries kiddos, it’s available in movie format now] about manifesting your life. It may sound a bit hokey pokey but hear me out. The whole idea is everything is made up of energy, and that energy is vibrating at a certain level.   So… knowing this, we know certain thoughts “vibrate” at a different levels. Let’s, for descriptions sake, say your sad thoughts vibrate at a low level and your happy thoughts vibrate at a higher level.

Let’s, for description sake, say that you are the speakers in an arena, the song you’re playing is your vibration, and the crowd is the world around you.  If you’re blasting Katy Perry party anthems, the crowd is going to dance, sing along and have a good time.  If you play “Hurt” [ Johnny Cash version] it’s going to bring down the crowd. The crowd is going to mirror your music (thoughts).

Some times I forget. Sometimes I get lost in my own head. Luckily I have my awesome Momma to remind me.

You may remember my Momma from a little post called Diving for Worms. If not,  it’s this lovely lady here:

karen- yetti

[don’t worry it’s not fur, and she may kill me for posting this, but thank goodness, shes a compassionate vegan and doesn’t condone hurting any living thing.]

She is the best. She is constantly reminding me of great things and she has got the writing bug. She writes all about “the secret”, life, and how to love it.  Maybe she can help remind you of a few things. Check out her new blog Einstein’s Gifts.

Here are a few things to raise that vibration. These are my happy songs:

[Bust a move, moving makes the body and mind feel good]

Here’s to your happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved life!


I’ve got some pretty sweet dance moves to Happy by Pharrell. Maybe if you’re really nice in the comments I’ll get momma bear to tape a few.


    • Miss. Zoe says

      Thank You! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It was the perfect post for me to come back to Miss.Zoë with. I’m so excited to be back!

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