it’s 2am and i can’t feel my arm.

This has been pretty normal in my life lately, along with being woken up at all times of the night,  cleaning up accidents, and general mom duties. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, well you should: button to the right!) you’ve gotten a sneak preview of why.

I work  at a Non-Profit Animal Shelter as the Volunteer and Event Coordinator. We take in cats and dogs from all over and adopt them out to good, fur-loving homes where they will be loved forever and ever. It’s work that I’m really proud of. I told myself I was not going to adopt a dog even though every fiber of my being wanted to. I don’t have a place of my own, it’s practically having a child, early mornings are not my cup of tea, my shoe collection could suffer, and puppys poop, A LOT. Working in a shelter makes this very hard. We see people taking home new family members, we get updates on how much love these animals have brought into their lives. We get to know these animals, their likes and dislikes, their favorite treats, and where to pet them to make them melt into a puddle of cuteness, and believe me it happens every day.

I work in the office. On occasion we have dogs visit us from the kennel for the day and hang out in the office for different reasons. Two and half weeks ago our Vet Tech brought a Blue Heeler mix puppy named Pecosa, meaning “man with freckles”, down to office to visit for a bit while they moved some dogs around so they could put him in a different kennel, he was being picked on by the other pups. He walked right over to my desk and sat down. I picked him up and he lay down in my lap and fell asleep.

 2014-03-22 19.01.40

I immediately texted Momma to see if he could come home, just for the night of course.

Twenty minutes late the Vet Tech returned and said she could take Pecosa, back to the kennel.

“He’s going to come home, just for tonight. I’ll bring him back tomorrow.”

That night I was watching my two year old niece. I brought Pecosa home and she was thrilled, she had some trouble with the name Pecosa so she shortened it to Pico.

“It’s a puppy!”

“Pico’s so soft”

“Pico’s a puppy”

“Pico loves me”

It stuck. That evening my niece and Pico curled up in my lap and fell asleep together.

2014-03-22 20.36.27-1

I fell in love and I was done, Pico was family.

Normally people come to the shelter visit with the dogs and pick one based on who we have there. I’ve seen quite a few dogs come through the shelter and none struck a cord, what I like to call the angels hallelujah [think of an angelic “ahhhhhh” coming down from the heavens] quite like Pico did. Who gets her perfect puppy literally handed to her? [if you didn’t realize, it’s me].  I was hesitant, and momma was even more so. Our 7 year old Pointer, Sophie, had been reigning Queen for quite some time and didn’t take well to others in the castle. After a few scuffles from what I have been referring to as “sibling rivalry” they are finally starting to play, rough, but play.

He loves the woods and make a great hiking companion. He snuggles up and nuzzles into your neck. If you cry he will get close and press his nose to yours. I never would have believed I would be okay getting up at 6am on my day off so I could take him for a walk. I never would have believed that I wouldn’t freak out when I saw him trotting along with my favorite boot in his mouth. I never would have believed I would be okay covered in fur 24/7 from an excessive amount of cuddling. But I am. I have so much fun with him, he’s a really good reminder of staying in the moment, of getting outdoors and admiring nature, of tail wagging good times, of what’s ahead, he’s an all around #guhboy .

 Well it’s 2am and my arm is asleep, but he looks peaceful so I think I’ll let him lay a while longer.

In the meantime I would like to officially introduce Pico, my dog, my partner in crime.

2014-03-30 13.23.30

2014-04-06 09.02.24

2014-04-06 09.28.34-1

2014-04-10 19.47.47-1


  1. John Kirton says

    I got Sydney, a rescue dog about five years ago. She was the love of my life the minute I laid eyes on her. The animal shelter is such a great place to adopt a new family member!
    Best of luck with your new partner in crime.

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