about me.

[I'm always trying to feed someone a cupcake]

My name is Zoë.

[Miss.Zoë if ya nasty] Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

I’m a twenty- something and was raised in a small town in North East MA. I was very lucky as a child to be brought up doing arts and crafts and eating frozen peas rather than sat in front of a television

I love entertaining, cooking, eating, creating, re-purposing and baking.

I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew, literally and figuratively, but thrive in intense situations. I’ve started this blog because I want to meet other people like myself and also to share what I’ve learned through the very long process of trial and error. I love DIY projects, Sir Sticky [my faithful hot glue gun] and I share a wonderful bond and love creating together!

My entire life I had been a bartender/server at a local seasonal restaurant giving me plenty of time in the winter months to do with what I please [a.k.a throw flour around the kitchen].  About four years ago I  stumbled upon decorating cakes as a side job. There was a lot of trial and error learning that art [picture a crying girl sitting on a kitchen floor covered in a Mickey Mouse cake from head to toe an hour before delivery], but I seem to have a good handle on it now. From decorating cakes I figured I should probably stop using box mixes and learn how to bake, and here I am, making my own recipes! That led me here… A little lost in life, but finding my way.

I was raised by a vegan, and through many ups and downs I eat a healthy vegan diet. I promise these recipes have been tested on the very picky, so I challenge you [a la Barney Stinson, I expect a fervent "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" in response]  to taste my recipes and let me know what you think!

I like to sweat and stretch, which is a fancy way of saying I like yoga pants. I am starting to run, slowly but surely.  I guess this blog will mostly be about sweets/recipes, but trust me, they are sweets only good when they are a treat, as they should be, not when you eat them all the time. Occasionally you’ll get some extra tid bits about life, lucky you.

I’m pretty crazy [and I love tangents, LOVE tangents] so try to keep up will you?

I’ve worked very hard on all these posts and photos to share with you. They are all my property, please ask before using any images or “re-blogging”.