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Well its here. It is Valentines Day, to B's dismay [he thinks its a hallmark holiday, which its not] it's arrived, and we have made plans to do nothing about it. This evening I will be tending bar to a plethora of people who think that today, because it's holiday about love, PDA is acceptable, well, it's not. A kiss here, a peck here, all good and well. A grope here, a rub there, not so much. Please, please, please, be good to your servers. Realize that it's appropriate to show the bulk of your affection once you get home, tip accordingly [ 20%], they are doing the best they can, it's one of the busiest nights of the year and guaranteed there are a bunch of jerk faced a-holes sitting within … [Read more...]

Counting the smiles.

I don't know about you but I have a to-do list two miles long.  I'm constantly trying to remember: What was the one thing I was supposed to grab at the market on the way home? Keep a smile on my face [ it's far too easy to let the little things push you to the dark side, plus smiling really does make you happier] Did  I drink enough water? I know I was supposed to do something today, what was it? Don't forget to call the doctor tomorrow! Are you anything like me? If your here you most likely are. I'm notorious for making lists but they are always awkward, like a list of sentences, more like paragraphs, which makes finding the next thing on the "list" hard to do. Instead of going out and … [Read more...]

Adventures in Thrifting

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So today I ventured out to our local thrift store. I had a few things is mind that I wanted to pick up, I even made a list because I can't remember three things I'm looking for... I don't think the list came out of my pocket once, which may be the reason I came home with two bags of books and nothing else. I  have  serious storage problem in my apartment. And by storage problem, I mean there are five total closet and I still lack places to put things. I tend to be a hoarder, as my roommate would say. I have four grocery bags full of corks but that's for another post. Today is about my b0ok hoarding problem. Most of my books are packed away in my mother's spare room [I wish you could have … [Read more...]