3 reasons why: i’m okay with people thinking i’m a failure


And then I changed my mind, and that's okay too. Preface: I wrote Part I three weeks after I arrived in Asheville. Part II was written a month and half later. Part I About a month ago I packed all my belonging into a tiny trailer and picked up and left my hometown. I took three days to drive to my destination, my new home. Me and Momma road tripped, got lost in Amish Country, just got plain lost, ended up at a, shall we say, a less than pristine campground, and yet we made it. It was a ton of fun, the anticipation, the excitement, everything in my being told me this was the right move.  I arrived and had the weekend to show Momma around before I started my new job. I had an apartment … [Read more...]

it’s 2am and i can’t feel my arm.

2014-04-03 20.42.39-2

This has been pretty normal in my life lately, along with being woken up at all times of the night,  cleaning up accidents, and general mom duties. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, well you should: button to the right!) you've gotten a sneak preview of why. I work  at a Non-Profit Animal Shelter as the Volunteer and Event Coordinator. We take in cats and dogs from all over and adopt them out to good, fur-loving homes where they will be loved forever and ever. It's work that I'm really proud of. I told myself I was not going to adopt a dog even though every fiber of my being wanted to. I don't have a place of my own, it's practically having a child, early mornings are not my cup … [Read more...]

Kitchen Bliss


Now I'm just finally getting back in the kitchen [being that I actually possess one now] but it's been difficult with my work schedule and having an actual life also. But I have gotten a few things whipped up in the past couple weeks. I know I promised you a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and I've got the filling down to a science, but I haven't perfected the gluten free crust and I'm not happy giving you anything less than perfect. Well beyond that I've made a few other concoctions one of which I can't wait for you to try. I ate this entire batch within 24 hours and will definitely be making more soon. Now the stock for this soup can be a bit time consuming but good for us it's not very hands on … [Read more...]



Oh how crazy and wonderful this life is. That's if you make a conscious decision that it is, and I have. The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of amazeballs, here let us discuss. I ran my first 5k a week ago [Thursday June 28th 2012, just making a mental note]. WAHOO. I'm SO not proud of my time [36:08], but I crossed the finish line and I wasn't in a stretcher so I'd say goal accomplished. A friend from work ran it with me and was very kind and slowed her pace to stay with me. I ran the [very hilly] race in my Vibrams not having even crossed my mind that I wouldn't be running on dirt [always running in the woods], I'd be running on pavement [I never run on pavement] and might need … [Read more...]

Just a little preview….

moving preview

Well you may be a bit confused... I am, because I still can't believe B and I did this. This is B and I hauling a couch up over a deck from the ground to the third floor with only a piece of rope..... YES THE THIRD FLOOR. Holy hot balls, you can believe I had a nice drink after this.... well not directly after but this just the preview, you'll get the nasty tidbits if you check back next week [recommended if you like first time 5ks, moving and fiesta/ fourth of July festivities] For now I'm back to unpacking! … [Read more...]