it’s 2am and i can’t feel my arm.

2014-04-03 20.42.39-2

This has been pretty normal in my life lately, along with being woken up at all times of the night,  cleaning up accidents, and general mom duties. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, well you should: button to the right!) you've gotten a sneak preview of why. I work  at a Non-Profit Animal Shelter as the Volunteer and Event Coordinator. We take in cats and dogs from all over and adopt them out to good, fur-loving homes where they will be loved forever and ever. It's work that I'm really proud of. I told myself I was not going to adopt a dog even though every fiber of my being wanted to. I don't have a place of my own, it's practically having a child, early mornings are not my cup … [Read more...]

who’s umami?!

2014-03-13 18.09.05

you have to say it fast, and with some attitude. who's umami?! who's u mami?! who's your mommy?!? See, it's funny. I read a great article on NPR, you should check it out. It's all about some "philosopher" [this dude is getting air quotes because, seriously, lets stick to what we know, you "think", i'll "eat"]  who decided there were only 4 tastes. Salty [a personal favorite of mine], sweet [again delish], bitter [ehhh? I guess it has its place] and sour [sure, I'll take it]. Umami is this awesome relatively newly discovered taste, not to my mouth, but as a general knowledge type thing. I guess my best personal description is savory, meaty, or earthy [as I prefer to call it]. Yeah, I … [Read more...]

10 Minute “Mousse”


Did you know that April 3 is National Chocolate Mousse Day? I had no freaking idea. I mean really, no idea, National Chocolate Mousse Day!? While I may think it's a little silly to have a day dedicated to a specific food I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to whip up something delicious. I love simple desserts. I love all desserts it's just that by the time I've worked out the kinks to a recipe, I've taste tested so many times that I don't want to have anything to do with it by the time I've reached the finished product. I usually hit my cravings for something sweet after 'B' has gobbled up the last cupcake. Yesterday, April 3rd, 2012, I made a vegan Chocoloate Raspberry "Mousse". Why … [Read more...]

Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I apologize for not being around or attentive. At the moment I'm laid up in bed from a crazy ass fundraiser I participated in yesterday. A Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball Tournament. Nutso. It was more fun then I've had in quite some time. Absolutely hilarious. On a sadder note I busted myself up pretty well.I'm laid up in bed at the moment with a nice ice pack making love to my knee and more than my fair share of black  and blue, not to mention the scrapes covering my legs from damp sand covered dodgeballs whizzing past with out any regard for posted speed limits. You can check out videos and pictures at Good Morning Gloucester or you may have seen us … [Read more...]

Basement of Butternut

squash soup 005

In my mothers basement I found a plethora of butternut squash just waiting to be eaten. Weird right? "Hey mom, you know there's a bucket full of squash next to the dryer right?!" It was strange, however, I took advantage of my mothers green thumb. I took a few home to make my first batch of Squash Soup [printable version here]. This is the simplest thing I've ever made, and one of the most delicious, hot OR cold. Hellllo! Can you say kick butt? There's nothing I love more [extreme exaggeration] than being able to eat something straight outta the fridge, partly because I'm a bit iffy about microwaves, and partly [mostly, I think] I hate unnecessary dishes. So here I am with a butternut … [Read more...]