Smooth as Fred Astaire


Breakfast has been a wicked bummer for me lately. My breakfast of years past consisted of sausage and bacon with some toast, and a couple of eggs, those days are over. I've never been a cereal kind of girl [I take to long and it always gets soggy, yuck] I'm not big on pancakes [ waffles are a totally different story]  I can only eat oatmeal so many times a week. [I'm not a big fan to begin with] So I've had to get a bit creative and find alternatives... or wait until lunch [unacceptable] Smoothies have found their delicious way into my life and because I have a smoothie every morning I thought it fitting to share some of my recipes with you. Now I make at least five smoothies a week, many … [Read more...]

Wake and bake.

wake and bakes 008

This morning, after taking my sweet time to actually get myself out of bed, I got up and made a batch of what most would consider morning glory muffins. I have decided to call them my wake and bakes. Now many thoughts may fly to your teenage summers and a sweet little herb you used to use [smoke] in the morning, however, these are not my intentions. I am cranky in the morning, and by cranky I mean it's probably best if you wait until I speak to you first for fear of your life ending before noon. I've decided to call them my wake and bakes because when I'm cranky I like to bake, baking makes me happy. Perhaps it will make me remember that I am not mean, snappy and irritated all the … [Read more...]

Does cake count as a breakfast food?

mocha rose cake 010

It does if there is coffee in the frosting! Bright and early I put a pot of coffee on, grabbed my laptop and crawled back into bed. After a few minutes checking all my favorite sites to make sure I hadn't missed any epiphanies or calamities during my sleep I got up and went straight to the kitchen. It was so nice to be back in my comfort zone. It's been about five days since I've baked and I was seriously cranky because of it. I enjoy baking a lot [obviously] and when I'm upset the only place you'll find me is in a kitchen, it's a release for me [as my friend Jen says "If I were your boyfriend I'd piss you off all the time]. So today I went to my tried and true recipe. This cake is a … [Read more...]