Local Brew Loving & a Giveaway

 I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Joey C, the local blogger of Good Morning Gloucester to chat about my vegan cupcakes.[Thanks for having me!] Very exciting stuff, exciting indeed! I mean how often do you get to change someones preconceived notions? Not to say Joey was against my vegan cupcakes, but I find most people will opt for the non-vegan counterpart if given the chance. Even before we met when Joey and I were just emailing, he was all for the cupcakes but was a bit apprehensive about the whole vegan side of the deal.  I find most people are.  But most of the time, with baking at least, I find if you don't tell them, they don't know. And I really don't think there's any harm … [Read more...]

Lavender Fresh


Sounds like a snarky laundry detergent advertisement. I hate that, all those fake fragrances added to laundry detergents. I don't need my laundry to smell like a fresh mountain spring, I just don't want it to smell like B's baseball socks that it was stuffed next to in the basket for a week. I'm always off topic. With Easter tomorrow I'm feeling a bit left out being a vegan and all. No cadbury eggs, no peeps, no ham dinner, no milk chocolate, I am so deprived, so I decided to get in the spring spirit with a spring style Vanilla Cupcake. Now, vanilla cupcakes come around all year so what makes this one special? Lemons. And Lavender. Both refreshing and crisp, the lemon and lavender balance … [Read more...]

Simple Symmetry

vanillavanilla cakes 006

I've been on a crazy re-organization kick. I've moved my entire bedroom around with the help of my wonderful boy. Re-arranged all the kitchen cabinets for more functionality. I have been moving things around trying to find the simplicity, a way to keep myself on the straight and narrow. I've been craving a bit of simplicity with everything going on around in this crazy world, I was just feeling I needed my own little area where things were easy. Well things aren't any easier in the general scheme of things but the spatulas are now in reach of the mixing bowl and that makes my life a bit easier, and this morning before going out to breakfast I finished my super simple symmetry vanilla/vanilla … [Read more...]

Ode to Summer Days

With January settling in it's been almost four months since my last day at the beach.... I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful coastal area where beaches are everywhere. We call it the island. We're a secluded little town and we rarely leave unless we have to.Our summers are spent lounging on the beach before or after work with bonfires and friends.  We're there whenever we can be. It's been a mild winter so far.. lots of rain, no snow. So with the temperature hovering around the 40's its been even harder to get out of summer mode. Since I don't drink alcohol at the beach I've become the "beach mom"to everyone, which means I'm the one making sure everyone is drinking water in between … [Read more...]

Too Cold for Camping.


Columbus Day Weekend 2011, We set out for camping, good friends, unseasonably warm weather, and plain good old fashioned fun. Throughout the weekend we ate some delicious food, but what would camping be without S'MORES? It wouldn't be camping, that's for sure.  I don't know why no one had ever thought of it [and I'm sure someone had] , because it's a genius idea, we shall add peanut butter to the s'more. Well, Well, we've just discovered the next best thing.  While my fingers couldn't get any stickier but taste buds couldn't be any happier. Now that it's well into winter [still unseasonably warm] and  it's too cold to be toasting mallows over an open fire, I concocted the next best … [Read more...]