The good, the bad, and the other.

Did you hear the news?! There's a lot of it, and with communication being a bad game of telephone these days I thought you might like to hear it straight out of the horse's mouth [just call me Mr.Ed] Bad news first, good news second[ because who wants to dwell on the bad news right?] and then the other news. BAD NEWS: I am highly allergic to gluten. [hear this: ridiculously allergic] so ONCE again we are going to make a huge change in the diet and learn to eat ALL over again [like how I said 'we', yeah that's right your coming along for the ride buddy, you think I'd do this alone?]. Get ready for a lot of new recipes and a lot of old recipes revisited and tweaked. These new recipes should be … [Read more...]

From A to B to C then D


Well me and B didn't get the first apartment we applied for, but the way I see it, it's just because there is something better out there waiting for us. So for the moment all my belonging are stacked all over my mother's first floor. Poor woman puts up with so much from me. [and this is only a portion of it]  Aside from the fact that my material life is in shambles [which is making me realize how little I use all these things!] Things are seriously looking up! A. Me and B are on the search for apartments that fit our needs [think loads of kitchen counter space], and I have all the faith in the world that we will find the perfect one for us. B. I got my new running shoes! Vibram Bikilias, … [Read more...]

Success at failure.

granola raspberry frosting 003

I feel like a neglectful mother. Its been  a while since I've told you about my kitchen adventures, well, they haven't ended. I have been trying to write this post for about a week, and it just hasn't come to fruition. I don't know if I've just been lazy [I don't think I have] or things just seem to keep happening just as I'm sitting down to type. Even now I find myself thinking about my yoga practice later and what I can make for lunch. I've been a bit of a space cadet this week, I'm just going to chalk it up to that. OK back to the kitchen I have been on a "health kick" lately. I say "health kick" in this manner because I normally eat pretty healthy,  and while I bake a ton of cupcakes I … [Read more...]

For the love of Cows

the boys

"Aw they're just so cute." That's what my mom would say anyway, along with a long list of very reason why animals are not food. Not only is my mother a herbivore, she doesn't eat animal products either, that means no: eggs dairy cheeses honey etc. making her a vegan. Now I on the other hand, I am a carnivore. I think it started as a teenager spiting her mother who ingrained vegetarianism in to my head and stuck as habit,  I prefer my burgers rare. Perhaps if she had not so avidly tried to convert me I may be a vegan today, however this is not the case. Aside from my juvenile rebellion against my mother I do love me some vegan food. Where others crave chicken soup for a little comfort food, I … [Read more...]

Primitive Pantry

necessities 001

I'm constantly searching for new recipes, tweaking old ones, and occasionally going a little too far out of the box.  I've found that it's really fun to experiment with new foods [rhubarb is next on the list] but that to succeed you need to have a few items always on hand. These are what are in what I like to call my primitive pantry... These are what you would call the bare necessities [i don't know about you but my mind immediately starts singing songs from "jungle book"] I didn't include any spices or extracts because that's a whole other list... but here we go: Miss. Zoe's Necessities BUTTER- I go through roughly three pounds of butter a week, mind you I only work one day a week at … [Read more...]