Basement of Butternut

squash soup 005

In my mothers basement I found a plethora of butternut squash just waiting to be eaten. Weird right? "Hey mom, you know there's a bucket full of squash next to the dryer right?!" It was strange, however, I took advantage of my mothers green thumb. I took a few home to make my first batch of Squash Soup [printable version here]. This is the simplest thing I've ever made, and one of the most delicious, hot OR cold. Hellllo! Can you say kick butt? There's nothing I love more [extreme exaggeration] than being able to eat something straight outta the fridge, partly because I'm a bit iffy about microwaves, and partly [mostly, I think] I hate unnecessary dishes. So here I am with a butternut … [Read more...]

layer it on.

adventures in thrifting 001

This past two weeks have been difficult in all aspects. These would normally be considered a bad two weeks by any standards, add to that breaking a a pack a day smoking habit, and you have one severely cranky and confused girl. So I've been trying to keep these antsy hands busy by crafting and cooking, when all I want to do is eat chocolate and cry. While eating chocolate and crying is good and well, it's not productive. And if I'm going to have the energy it might as well be put to good use. I made two lasagnas, one for a few friends I was having over and one for some great people who needed the night off from the kitchen. It's a super simple recipe. Great for dinner parties, I stuck mine … [Read more...]

Wake and bake.

wake and bakes 008

This morning, after taking my sweet time to actually get myself out of bed, I got up and made a batch of what most would consider morning glory muffins. I have decided to call them my wake and bakes. Now many thoughts may fly to your teenage summers and a sweet little herb you used to use [smoke] in the morning, however, these are not my intentions. I am cranky in the morning, and by cranky I mean it's probably best if you wait until I speak to you first for fear of your life ending before noon. I've decided to call them my wake and bakes because when I'm cranky I like to bake, baking makes me happy. Perhaps it will make me remember that I am not mean, snappy and irritated all the … [Read more...]