Just a little preview….

moving preview

Well you may be a bit confused... I am, because I still can't believe B and I did this. This is B and I hauling a couch up over a deck from the ground to the third floor with only a piece of rope..... YES THE THIRD FLOOR. Holy hot balls, you can believe I had a nice drink after this.... well not directly after but this just the preview, you'll get the nasty tidbits if you check back next week [recommended if you like first time 5ks, moving and fiesta/ fourth of July festivities] For now I'm back to unpacking! … [Read more...]

Battery Drained

A description of both myself and my computer. I have to make this snappy as one of us could die at any moment. [Surprise, I packed my laptop charger] I have almost everything moved into my mothers and stacked in a corner ready to be put in a truck again because me and B are looking at an apartment tomorrow! Wahoo. I will not turn 25 living in my mothers house! So sans a few pieces of heavy furniture, I'm essentially done. To top of the horrendous nature of moving poor B is deathly ill, such a sick little muffin, so he had some trouble today so I sent him home.... How do you deal with moving? I've already cried today, but that is.not.saying much, I cry almost everyday. My computer is warning … [Read more...]

Wake and bake.

wake and bakes 008

This morning, after taking my sweet time to actually get myself out of bed, I got up and made a batch of what most would consider morning glory muffins. I have decided to call them my wake and bakes. Now many thoughts may fly to your teenage summers and a sweet little herb you used to use [smoke] in the morning, however, these are not my intentions. I am cranky in the morning, and by cranky I mean it's probably best if you wait until I speak to you first for fear of your life ending before noon. I've decided to call them my wake and bakes because when I'm cranky I like to bake, baking makes me happy. Perhaps it will make me remember that I am not mean, snappy and irritated all the … [Read more...]