Who makes a pigs ear cupcake?

pumpkin cupcakes 011

You may want to ask yourself that question, the answer is NOT me, however it is a response I got when I recently asked my Facebook friends what type of cupcake they would want to try.  I got quite a few responses, close to 50 actually. I told them if theirs was picked they would get a dozen hand delivered, boy did that expedite the process. I got plenty of responses from every day cupcakes [red velvet, chocolate, vanilla] to some weird ones [espresso, pig ear, Laphroaig (should probably look that one up)]. Using a randomizing program [to be fair] I ended up with Pumpkin Cupcakes with a Maple Rum Frosting. THANK GOODNESS. Can you imagine if I ended up having to make a pigs ear cupcake? [Maybe … [Read more...]