10 Minute “Mousse”


Did you know that April 3 is National Chocolate Mousse Day? I had no freaking idea. I mean really, no idea, National Chocolate Mousse Day!? While I may think it's a little silly to have a day dedicated to a specific food I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to whip up something delicious. I love simple desserts. I love all desserts it's just that by the time I've worked out the kinks to a recipe, I've taste tested so many times that I don't want to have anything to do with it by the time I've reached the finished product. I usually hit my cravings for something sweet after 'B' has gobbled up the last cupcake. Yesterday, April 3rd, 2012, I made a vegan Chocoloate Raspberry "Mousse". Why … [Read more...]

Lick the bowl!

granola raspberry frosting 005

So I've been crafting my little heart away all day, and I'm making terribly slow progress. Where I had intended to finish at least five lanterns, I finished one. Oh well, no use in hating on myself, I was very easily frustrated today [ day five of quitting smoking {this is when I usually revert to my toxin consuming ways}] so I am giving myself a break and instead of telling you all about my wonderful crafts I will just have to tell you about my new favorite frosting. It's amazing. It's delectable. It's lick the bowl good.  You know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the type of frosting that.. "oops I accidentally [on purpose] squeezed frosting onto my finger, ill have to eat it" and not … [Read more...]

Ode to Summer Days

With January settling in it's been almost four months since my last day at the beach.... I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful coastal area where beaches are everywhere. We call it the island. We're a secluded little town and we rarely leave unless we have to.Our summers are spent lounging on the beach before or after work with bonfires and friends.  We're there whenever we can be. It's been a mild winter so far.. lots of rain, no snow. So with the temperature hovering around the 40's its been even harder to get out of summer mode. Since I don't drink alcohol at the beach I've become the "beach mom"to everyone, which means I'm the one making sure everyone is drinking water in between … [Read more...]