dessert in a dash


So I have been trying to cut back on my sweet tooth surrenders. I find the moment I give in and have any form of sweet I'm constantly shoving my face full of sugar for the rest of the day. I had made it all the way through dinner the other night and was seriously needing some dessert.  I have had this smoothie before at the organic cafe near my house. I had the ingredients but it took a bit to figure out the proportions. So here I give you a quickie dessert [this smoothie legit tastes like cake, but it's healthy] in a quickie post: Black Forrest Smoothie 1 overripe frozen banana 8 small frozen strawberries 1/2 cup frozen cranberries 2 dates 1 tps coco powder / or cocoa nibs 1 1/2 … [Read more...]

who’s umami?!

2014-03-13 18.09.05

you have to say it fast, and with some attitude. who's umami?! who's u mami?! who's your mommy?!? See, it's funny. I read a great article on NPR, you should check it out. It's all about some "philosopher" [this dude is getting air quotes because, seriously, lets stick to what we know, you "think", i'll "eat"]  who decided there were only 4 tastes. Salty [a personal favorite of mine], sweet [again delish], bitter [ehhh? I guess it has its place] and sour [sure, I'll take it]. Umami is this awesome relatively newly discovered taste, not to my mouth, but as a general knowledge type thing. I guess my best personal description is savory, meaty, or earthy [as I prefer to call it]. Yeah, I … [Read more...]

here fishy fishy.

Untuna- As good as it looks.

Now, my hometown is a small town, surrounded by water. It's at the end of the highway, and I mean the end. When giving directions I tell people stay on the highway until you hit water and you've made it. Knowing that, you can probably understand why the two restaurants closest to me are called the Red Skiff and The Fish Shack. My uncle was a lobster man [lobsta if we're getting authentic] and was perpetually a nice dark shade of Italian from his year round days with the sun reflecting off the ocean. Growing up, my dad was a captain on a whale watch boat. He likes to tell stories of how they would block off the pilot house and let me sway with the ocean in my rolling activity center [ it took … [Read more...]

beyond expectations.

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“Nobody's perfect. We're all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.” ― Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses  I've been trying to figure out how to get back here. Back to this place of sharing, of responsibility. I've been lost. I'm still lost, but I think I found a compass. It's been so long since I've been here, writing, holding myself accountable. I've said it before, have you missed me? I think when I start to veer away from what I think I should be I panic and quit all together. Well here I am. I'm holding myself accountable. I haven't been eating vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter. I've been eating crap, a lot of sugary crap. My mood, my body, my … [Read more...]

Kitchen Bliss


Now I'm just finally getting back in the kitchen [being that I actually possess one now] but it's been difficult with my work schedule and having an actual life also. But I have gotten a few things whipped up in the past couple weeks. I know I promised you a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and I've got the filling down to a science, but I haven't perfected the gluten free crust and I'm not happy giving you anything less than perfect. Well beyond that I've made a few other concoctions one of which I can't wait for you to try. I ate this entire batch within 24 hours and will definitely be making more soon. Now the stock for this soup can be a bit time consuming but good for us it's not very hands on … [Read more...]